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Cake Tapas

Cake Tapas

Cake tapas are an exciting way to serve desserts. The best thing about it is that you can taste more than one type of dessert - without feeling guilty.


Whether it's for a wedding, christening, birthday or just a cozy evening with the family - it's a package of goodies that suits all events!


Our cake tapas contains different small cakes, and the individual flavors depend on what we have available each time.


Your order contains a mixture of macarons, mini brownies and mini cupcakes in the desired color theme. They come packed in boxes and they stand on a beautiful silver cardboard.

Vegan info: For orders over 120 pcs, we can make vegan cake tapas. Otherwise, we can make mini cupcakes vegan in general. cake tapas if desired.

Order deadline: 5 days (contact us by phone for inquiries with shorter notice)

    PriceFrom kr590.00
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