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Taste samples from Our Cake Selection - Choose Your Favorites!

We are excited to introduce our new taste samples, now available through our webshop! After many requests, we have decided to give you the freedom to choose your favorite cakes. You can select from 3, 5, or all 10 of our delicious taste variations.

Our taste samples can be enjoyed in our café, or you can have them packed with forks to take home. We offer a wide range of flavors, from the heavier chocolate caramel variations to lighter choices like our light vanilla cake with mousse. In the texture middle ground, you'll find chocolate cake with fruit filling, vanilla-based cakes, and red velvet.


1. Light vanilla cake with passion fruit and white chocolate mousse

2. Light vanilla cake with raspberry and chocolate mousse

3. Chocolate cake with raspberry cream and dried raspberries

4. Chocolate cake with salted caramel and dulce de leche buttercream

5. Triple chocolate cake

6. Red velvet with cream cheese frosting

7. Lemon poppy seed cake with lemon curd

8. Vanilla cake with marzipan and strawberry cream with dried strawberries

9. Vanilla blueberry cake with passion fruit cream

10. Vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting and blackcurrant jam

To better understand our cake types, we have provided a description:

Light Vanilla Cake: This cake consists of a light sponge, meaning a base that is whipped with egg whites to achieve a very light texture. This cake is not as sweet as many others, making it a good choice for those looking for something more refreshing. This cake most resembles the traditional Danish "layer cake."

Red Velvet: Our red velvet is also a sponge but still sits somewhere between a cake and a sponge, being a bit more solid than the light vanilla cake. This cake is a favorite for many, and our experience is that people love the perfect simplicity of our red velvet cake paired with cream cheese frosting. We are rarely asked to change or add anything, as we sometimes do for some of the other taste variations.

Vanilla Cake: Our vanilla cake is sweet in a very balanced way. It is airy but at the same time very moist. This cake type is more reminiscent of English cakes, where the cake layer is thicker than the filling layer, but the cake is so moist that it could actually be eaten on its own. Our blueberry and poppy seed cakes are made from the same base as the basic vanilla cake, just with a little extra flavor and texture. The filling we call "cream" is a special cream we have invented, which is somewhere between buttercream and mousse in texture.

Chocolate Cake: Our chocolate cake is rich and heavy in flavor. It is very moist and can go well with a wide range of fillings. This year's taste test option offers our ever-popular triple chocolate, and probably our most popular cake flavor combination Chocolate and Raspberry, and last but not least, our newest chocolate member, chocolate with salted caramel and dulce de leche buttercream.

All cakes are covered with vanilla buttercream (or vegan alternative) when decorated. You can therefore expect there to be a white cream (or the color you have chosen) on the outside of the cake. If you want a cake with fondant, there will still be a layer of buttercream between the cake and the fondant.

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