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Theme cake: Childrens birthday

Theme cake: Childrens birthday

ATTENTION please read before ordering.

This children's birthday cake is designed as an easy solution, where you don't have to wait for a response, but can simply order the cake in 5 minutes online. In this way, we ensure that our time is used to make your cake as beautiful and tasty as possible, and not on unnecessary communication.

Having to celebrate children's birthdays can be stressful, especially if you have many children or are busy at work. Therefore, it must also be as easy as possible to get the cake out of the world, so you have one less thing on your to-do list 👌

By purchasing this solution, you give our professional cake decorators the freedom to create a unique work of art based on your child's theme. That way we end up with the most beautiful cakes, as they can work a little outside the box and use their amazing artistic eye to judge what looks best, every time.

Tell us about your theme, and colors if you have any, and we will create a unique cake, with a simple 3d figure on top, a beautiful name tag on the front and whatever else is relevant every time. We spend around 3 hours baking, putting together and decorating your cake.

The cakes are always covered with buttercream and not fondant (some of the pictures have a fondant coating, but we have chosen the pictures which have approximately the set-up of decorations the cakes will have).

If you have special wishes, please order via email. This solution offers free play within your theme and colors, therefore you must be prepared that it is not possible to change/add anything - in that case it takes place manually, and takes longer to order (contact us 1 month in advance ).

Look forward to seeing and collecting your completely unique cake from us, within our opening hours on the collection date you have chosen!

Vegan info: All flavors except Red Velvet can be made vegan/plant-based. Remember to write in the comments field in the next step if you want the cake vegan.

Order deadline: Minimum 7 days (Call and ask us first if there are less than 7 days)

    PriceFrom kr1,690.00
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