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The team in Bake my Day


Ynja Aradóttir

Founder, co-owner & CEO


Palle Johannesson



Amalie Petersen

Café manager


Aiste Patackiene

Production manager


Olinela D'altri



Eloïse Blaise

Konditor / bager


Karolina Ciechanowska

Køkken assistant


Emilija Masnikaite

Konditor / Bager


Barbora Petesova




Café medarbejder


Sophia Demethos

Café medarbejder


Salix Hjerrild

Café medarbejder

About Bake my Day

As only 21 years old, Ynja moved from Iceland to Denmark in January 2017 to study at the university, which was her original plan. Instead, she decided to open a cake shop. Here, Bake my Day, as we know it today, was founded in December 2017 by Ynja Mist Aradóttir and Ester Ingvarsdóttir.


At first, Ynja had no idea about opening a cake shop. Instead, she tried to make a living by holding exhibitions and selling art in both Iceland and Denmark. When a one-man cake business wanted to close its business, Ynja was given the unique opportunity to buy the remaining assets from this cake business. She thinks it would be a shame if what she had started was not used for anything. Ynja has already worked with cakes in Iceland. Here she has experience from a similar cake shop, where she was the first employee, and was close to the owner for the first few years. But with no other experience, education and after living in Denmark for a few months, she therefore thought "I have never tried that, so I can probably do it well!".

Despite the fact that Ynja could neither understand nor speak Danish when she moved to Denmark, she still began to explore the possibilities. Already after approx. 2 months from when she got the idea, she signed the lease on Amager Boulevard 126, and got her mother, Ester Ingvarsdóttir, on the trip. Her mother took out a small loan in Iceland, and in January 2018, Ynja started setting up the kitchen in the basement on Amager Boulevard, as well as decorating the small cake shop of small 20 sqm. In February 2018, she got the first orders out of the house. With the help of the family, Ynja's father and brother, who came from Iceland and helped with the set-up, they managed to open the cake shop officially on March 1, 2018.

With almost no capital and in such a short time, it had gone strong to be able to open the cake shop, even though from the start it did not look like Ynja wanted. With time and with the many creative efforts from the team, the details came into place and the cake shop turned out as she had intended. Even if you do not have many resources from the start, things can still be done well.

Today, the team in Bake my Day consists of 8 creative souls, of which 5 full-time employees incl. Ynja, and 3 part-time employees incl. Esther. We have delivered cakes to many of Denmark's largest companies, and we have the world's best customers, many of whom visit us several times a week. In a short time, we have become part of Copenhagen's largest wedding cake supplier, and are known for our high quality and artistic expression. Bake my Day is facing a big and exciting change in 2021, which we will later share and publish on Instagram, where we share a small part of our everyday life every day with more than 12 thousand followers.

team bake my day
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