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Order a specially designed cake

At Bake my Day, we can make exactly the design you want that may have a special meaning for you. You can send us pictures of your ideas. Your choice of wedding cakes, christening cakes, confirmation cakes or birthday cakes is therefore personal and tailored to you. Decorated cakes are for a minimum of 20 people. Of course, it is still possible to buy smaller cakes on our webshop and buy cupcakes etc. in our café!

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Remember we do not accept orders via. calls

This is how the order is done

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Ordering the cake

Must be made at least 3 weeks before the pick-up / delivery date. Send us your wishes, photos, thoughts and ideas by email.

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You will receive an invoice from us by email, which can be paid by card. Only when the payment has been processed, your order is in progress with us.

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Delivery / pickup

It is possible to get delivery from DKK 375-650 in Greater Copenhagen. If you pick up the order yourself, you can pick it up within our opening hours on the day.

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The prices in the table the design is not included. Specially designed cakes for at least 20 people can be ordered. If you want to order cake for less than 20 people, or if you are late with the order, you can order our Last Minute cakes here.

Buttercream *

With taste +5 per person
Choose between; Chocolate, peanut butter, mocha, raspberry, passion fruit, Salted caramel.

Mousse *

The price includes 1 mousse taste. If you want 2 flavors, it costs at the 2nd flavor + DKK 5 per person.

Flavors: Raspberries, strawberries, passion fruit, lemon, chocolate, white chocolate or caramel.

Toppings (+ 6kr)

Choose between; Walnuts, pecans, peanuts, chocolate chips (dark, milk, white), fresh wild berries, dried blueberries, salted caramel, marzipan.

Other things

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Decorations from wild berries, chocolate drops and macaroons, to fresh / dried flowers, fondant figures and crumbs in all colors - we know it all!

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The price for delivery of specially designed cakes in Copenhagen is around DKK 375-600 excluding VAT. The price depends on the distance and whether a refrigerated truck is needed.

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Handmade flowers from DKK 50 per PCS. You can bring your own fresh flowers the day before pick-up - and we decorate at no cost. If we provide flowers for your cake, this costs from DKK 490.

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Order one of our 2 different luxury taster packs, which contain 4 different flavors. We also offer personal meeting with tasting and coffee. Order luxury tastings here.

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Our sugar figures cost from DKK 250. Bridal couples cost from DKK 990. Personalized pets from DKK 690. Send us an email with a picture to get your price.

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Company cakes

We can make all types and types of company cakes. Send us your ideas by email and we will find out all about it with you.

get inspired

You can be inspired by seeing our gallery, where you can see our previous cakes that we have made for our customers.

Other practical information

You can find more knowledge on the pages about practical information and FAQ - Frequently asked questions from our customers.

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