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Practical informations

Order on specially designed cakes and wedding cakes

Ordering the cake


As we are a small bakery with limited resources, we need to point out the following: The order must be received 2-4 weeks before the cake can be ready (wedding cakes and larger cakes - see below). It may happen that we are fully booked and can not accept more orders, so if you want to be sure, order well in advance. It is not possible to place an order in the café or by phone, we must have it in writing, to make sure that all the details are properly understood. We of course accept orders at short notice whenever possible. Contact us via email.Terms and conditions: NOTE: Read our complete terms and conditions here. 


Ordering a wedding cake


Book as soon as possible, it is recommended at least 1-2 months before your big day, especially in the high season (Apr-Sep). Wedding cakes are paid no later than 15 days after ordering. In case of cancellation, it must take place no later than 1 month before the agreed delivery date for the deposit to be refunded - however with an administration fee of 250 DKK. If canceled later than this, the deposit will not be refunded.




We have stopped with the deposit and now the whole price has to be paid at once. This confirms both the desired date and order. The cakes are paid through invoice, which can be easily paid by card. Small orders are ordered and paid for through our webshop. It is not possible to pay for an order at pickup. Delivery: We use Step Transport to deliver our cakes professionally in a refrigerated truck. Delivery of wedding cakes costs around DKK 375-650 excluding VAT in Greater Copenhagen. ​​


All cakes must be paid for  mine. 3 days before pickup / delivery date. An unpaid product is not delivered.

Other product information



Our products may contain items that need to be removed (eg plastic / wooden sticks to hold decorations in place) before serving. The cakes are made from fresh ingredients, and the shelf life of the cakes varies depending on the type of cake.


Storage in the refrigerator


The cakes must be stored in the refrigerator, BUT must be at room temperature before serving. We do not guarantee that our products are suitable for allergy sufferers, as the kitchen area is also used for baking products containing gluten, nuts, etc. We recommend taking the cake out of the refrigerator about an hour before serving to get the best taste. We can not take responsibility for colored cakes coloring mouth, clothes or anything else.


If you have complaints


If you have complaints, please contact us by email: If there is something wrong with the cake, we ask you to send a small piece so we can see where it went wrong and improve any procedures.

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