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Party cake with pressed flowers

Party cake with pressed flowers

Our Party cake with pressed flowers is an aesthetic delight that combines the beauty of nature with a delicious taste experience. The cake is carefully adorned with thoughtfully selected pressed flowers, adding a unique and natural elegance to any festive occasion.


Our dedicated bakers cover the cake with a delightful vanilla buttercream, creating the perfect foundation for both appearance and taste.


Please note that due to the natural variation of flowers, the appearance of the floral decoration may vary from cake to cake. This contributes to each cake's unique character, creating an authentic sense of craftsmanship and individuality, always giving it a slightly more "wild" look.


Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, or any other festive occasion, our Party cake with pressed flowers will be a beautiful and tasty centerpiece for your event.


Vegan info: All flavors except Red Velvet can be made vegan/plant-based. Remember to write in the comment field in the next step if the cake is desired to be vegan.


Order deadline: Minimum 7 days (Call and ask us first if there is less than 7 days)

    PriceFrom kr1,750.00
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