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Logo company cake

Logo company cake

Square company cake with logo and possibly handwritten text.
Choose the color yourself, or let us choose the one that best suits your logo/brand.
In addition, it is possible to choose either dripping (As in the picture) or a simple piping with buttercream around the cake in a different colour, or our "rustic party cake" decoration with piping, macarons and rustic decorations.

Square cakes are for at least 30 portions, if you want a cake for 20 people, look at our round company cakes.

Flavor variants
- Chocolate cake with chocolate cream and chocolate drops
- Red velvet with cream cheese cream
- Vanilla cake baked with blueberries and passion cream
- Chocolate cake with raspberry cream and dried raspberries
- Chocolate cake with salted caramel and coffee cream

VEGAN INFO: All flavors except red velvet can be made vegan, write it in the comments if it needs to be made vegan.

If you want a more specific design, please contact us by email.

    PriceFrom kr2,550.00
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