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(v) = Vegan / free of milk and animal products

Icelandic Wednesday snails I 22 kr

Now every day  - The selection may vary.


• Chocolate (v)

• Raspberry (v)

• Oreo (v)

• Salted Caramel (v)

• Apple compote and cinnabon (v)

Home made donuts I 28 kr I Boxes: 4x 110.- I 6x 160.- I 12x 312.-

Only Fridays and Saturdays  - The selection may vary.


• Chocolate (v)

• Raspberry (v)

• Oreo (v)

• Peanut butter (v)

• Salted caramel (v)

• Filled donuts with apple compote and cinnabon (v)


Cupcakes I 32 kr I Boxes: 4x 120.- I 6x 168.- I 12x 336.-

The selection may vary from day to day.

• Blueberries and passion (v)

• Double chocolate (v)

• Chocolate with raspberries (v)

• Oreo (v)

Red velvet with cream cheese cream

• NEW! Valnuts and maple-syrup

• Vanilla with chocolate chips (v)

• Vanilla with pecans and caramel


Macarons I 15 kr I Gift boxes for 8/16/25 stk

• Chocolate (beige)

• Lemon (yellow)

• Raspberries (pink)

• White chocolate (light blue)

• Salted caramel (white with gold sprinkles)

• Blueberry (lilla)

• Pistachio (green)

Truffles I 10 kr I

• Dark chocolate with salted caramel (v)

• Milk chocolate with salted caramel

Cookies I 20 kr I 4 for 70 kr I 6 for 100 kr

• Chocolate chip with almonds (v)

• Double chocolate chunks topped with white chocolate chunks (v)


• Chocolate cake with chocolate cream and chocolate drops

• Vanilla cake with raspberry cream and dried raspberries (v)

• Red velvet with cream cheese frosting

• Selection may vary between days


Other treats

• Cakepops in different colors I 20 kr 

Luxury Rum balls with cocoa and coconut I 25 kr


• Croissants (v)

-with butter and cheese, 35 kr I or vegan cream cheese and avocado 45 kr

• Icelandic cheese loops (v)

• Rye bread buns (v)

• Sourdough buns (v)

• Greased bowl (v)

• Bun with butter and cheese I 35 kr

• Bun with cream cheese and avocado (v) I 45 kr


Coffee and drinks

• Americano, Latte, Cappuchino, Flat white, Espresso
• Ice coffee (m/u syrup)
• Varm chokolade / Mocha
• Chai latte / Dirty chai
• Yellow turmeric latte, Green matcha latte, Blue mint latte, Lilla lavender/apple latte, Golden caramel latte, pink raspberry latte, Pastel yellow citron merengue latte
• Sparkling water, raspberry, lemon, orange, cola
• Elderflower / apple


Non food

Apron - Signature Bake my Day I 200 kr

• Gift cards

• Hand-painted greeting cards

• Candles

Other practical information

Do you have questions about buying our selection in the café, webshop, specially designed cake or anything else. You can find the information on the pages practical information and FAQ - Frequently asked questions from our customers.

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